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*fir wood picked up in Snohomish, other species and delivery are extra. Delivery charges can vary, please call for details*

When it comes to firewood, Lynnwood and the surrounding area use plenty of it. In fact, in the entire Pacific Northwest, an increasing number of people use fireplaces and wood stoves as either a primary source of heat for their homes, or to supplement an existing source. Still, many may wonder if this old fashioned wood fires are worth the effort, or whether they have any advantages over other heat sources. The Firewood Guy, as Lynnwood’s firewood expert, firmly believes that, while wood fires may take a little more planning and effort, the advantages are well worth it!

Lynnwood firewood, You pick-up or we deliver!

One of the biggest environmental problems plaguing our society today is the threat of climate change. A primary cause of climate change is an over-saturation of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, release carbon dioxide (a natural product of combustion) into the atmosphere when burned. While carbon dioxide is a natural part of our atmosphere, and is released into our atmosphere as part of the normal cycle of life, fossil fuels, such as oil, gas and coal come from sources deep underground, that would never reach the surface without our help. The carbon dioxide released by these long-buried fuels over time have caused an increased concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, and have disturbed the natural climatological balance.

Wood, when burned, also releases carbon dioxide, but is part of the natural atmospheric cycle. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air, and release it back into the air when they die and decay. Therefore, burning wood releases only the normal amount of carbon dioxide that would be released naturally had the tree fallen and decayed. Conseqeuntly, burning wood for fuel does not release an unnatural amount of carbon dioxide and does not contribute to the threat of climate change.

Unlike coal and oil, wood is also a renewable fuel source. At The Firewood Guy, we harvest all our wood from large corporately logged timber tracts. In nature, forests are in a constant cycle of growth, maturity, decay, and regrowth. Corporate timber tracts maintain this steady and stable cycle, minimizing the threat of deforestation, and ensuring that these logging forests maintain a healthy balance.

As far as efficiency goes, many of the newer stoves and fireplaces are certified by the US EPA to have lower smoke emission and greater heat efficiency. Heat efficiency also depends on the quality of firewood.

Finally, money spent on other heating sources typically goes to some big utility company, and does not benefit the local community. The Firewood Guy is a family-owned operation, local to Lynnwood. Firewood purchased from us allows us to put the money right back into the community!

The Firewood Guy has been serving this community for many years and hopes to do so for many more. We offer the best prices available, along with friendly, reliable service. Most of all, we are passionate about firewood! Lynnwood residents can call anytime to learn more about our services or to ask any questions they may have about the advantages of wood burning.