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  • Seasoned wood when available
  • Alder, Maple, Hemlock, Fir Available
  • Most wood gleaned from corporately logged timber tracts
  • 16 inch lengths or custom cut
  • Delivered to your home or business
  • Pick up available, please call first
  • Professional, reliable long time business

*fir wood picked up in Snohomish, other species and delivery are extra. Delivery charges range from $95-$280 call for details*

Are you ready for your next delivery of firewood? Everett residents know that, in this part of the country, having a stack of firewood is almost as important as having bread and milk, especially during the winter months! Here at The Firewood Guy, we know that having the right firewood is crucial to your safety and sanity. We have been Everett’s firewood authority for many years, and for good reason; it is all we do, and we do it well!

Everett Firewood for sale

It seems that as the weather gets colder, no matter where you go in Everett, firewood can be found for sale. The problem is, when you pick up your firewood from just anybody, you can never be sure about what you’re getting. Not all wood is created equal, but you can always trust the experts at The Firewood Guy to guide you the right direction according to your needs.

Speaking from a chemical and biological standpoint, all wood is basically similar in structure. Still, there are differences between the varieties that affect the quality and suitability for firewood. There are two primary factors that affect the way in which a piece of wood burns: the density and moisture content. With regard to density, hardwoods, such as oak and maple have a higher density. This also means that they have a higher energy content per cord. They burn at a slower pace and release more heat over time at a moderate intensity. They also produce a long-lasting coal bed that will smolder for hours. Therefore, hardwoods are an excellent choice for those needing a fire that will give off a steady amount of heat for a longer period of time, as in the case of a wood stove used for home-heating. On the other hand, softer woods such as spruce, pine, and birch, burn at a much faster rate. They produce an intense, hot flame that is relatively short lived, and their coal bed cools much faster compared to hardwoods. The softer woods also generally have pleasing aromas, and are a great choice for an ambiance fire, i.e. when your family is gathered around the fireplace at holiday time.

We have a number of varieties of firewood Everett residents can choose from. We’ll also help you decide on the type that best suits your needs. Our staff of friendly professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality wood at the best possible prices, and are happy answer all your firewood questions!

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