as low as $65 for 1/4 cord, $125 for 1/2 cord, picked up*

customized to your needs

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  • Alder, Maple, Hemlock, Fir Available
  • Most wood gleaned from corporately logged timber tracts
  • Seasoned 6 months or more
  • 16 inch lengths or custom cut
  • Delivered to your home or business
  • Pick up available, please call first
  • Professional, reliable long time business

* picked up price, charges for delivery are extra

In the entire Puget Sound region, including Bothell, firewood is a necessity of life. At The Firewood Guy, we recognize that many people in this area depend on wood almost year round for both recreational and practical uses. Consequently, we take our job very seriously and pride ourselves in being the area’s foremost authority on firewood. Bothell homeowners have come to depend on our knowledge and expertise, and we are proud of our reputation for impeccable customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Seasoned Bothell Firewood

Whether you are using logs for your fireplace, stove, furnace or campfire, having the right type and quality of wood is the key to efficiency, convenience, and safety. When it comes to firewood, Bothell residents know, for the most part, that the wood needs to be “seasoned.” However, many people are unsure as to what seasoned wood really means. Basically, the way in which wood burns is dependent on both its density and moisture. Whether or not wood is considered “seasoned” relates to the moisture content. Freshly cut wood has a high moisture content. This prevents it from burning efficiently and, in some cases, from even burning at all! Trying to start a fire with wood that has a high moisture content can be extremely frustrating and, in some instances, downright dangerous since it can result in an excessive accumulation of combustible creosote inside your chimney and flue. Once wood is cut and split, it should be given a minimum of six months to dry out. In Bothell, firewood is subject to the dampness and humidity so common in the Pacific Northwest, so it is crucial that it be given time to age. Ideally, it should be stacked so as to allow the sun to hit it and the wind to circulate around it to help evaporate the moisture. Some types of wood (especially the denser types) may take longer than six months to be considered sufficiently seasoned. To be considered well-seasoned, the moisture content should be about 20 percent or less.

So how do you tell if wood has been sufficiently aged? While there are commercial moisture meters on the market that can give you an exact reading, you can tell a lot about a piece of wood by using your own senses. Touch it. Does it feel wet or damp? If it does, it probably is. Pick it up. Seasoned wood will weigh less than an average log. Next, take a look. Fresh wood has a lighter, more vibrant color. Seasoned wood will have a dull grey or yellow appearance. Check for cracks and splits in the wood, which usually occur as wood dries out. Finally, take a listen. Bang two logs together. Well-seasoned wood will have a hollow sound, whereas damp wood will give off a solid thud.

At The Firewood Guy we welcome you to come and check out our firewood! Bothell residents can visit us on site and take a look at our operation. We are proud of our family run business. So come on out and bang a few logs together! If you like what you see (and hear), we’ll deliver your order right to your door!